Picnic benches, Garden Benches, Indoor benches

Garden furniture, Outdoor benches and Patio furniture.


Garden Benches: Twin Bench With A Table In The Middle


twin garden benches, original wooden benches, octo benches, pub benches

Colour: Clear

house benches, indoor furniture, benches for sale

Colour : Teak








-The Prices Exclude A Small Delivery Fee, Delivery is charged according to distance.

Product Catergory Price
2 Seater Garden Benches R1850



                                  GARDEN  BENCHES OR FURNITURE

benches and tables for sale, benches cape town

Colour: Dark

mahogany benches, benches in cape town

Colour: Mahogany

garden benches cape town, pub benches, benches for sale

Colours: White & Grey

wooden benches cape town, benches for sale in cape town

Colour: White














-The Prices Exclude Delivery fee.

Product Catergory Length Price
2 Seater Garden Bench 1.2 m R1600
3 Seater Garden Bench 1.5 m R1750
4 Seater Garden Bench 1.8 m R2000



                                              L – SHAPED BENCHES

corner benches in cape town, benches

Colour: Dark Brown

benches in paden island, benches for sale

Colour: Alll White

white benches in cape town, picnic benches in bellville and benches

Colour: White

benches and Tables for sale, dinning benches

Colour: All Dark














-The Prices Exclude Delivery fee.


Product Catergory Dimensions Price
4 Seater L – Shaped Benches 1.3 m X 1.5 m R2000
5 Seater L – Shaped Benches 1.5 m X 1.8 m R2500
6 Seater L – Shaped Benches 1.8 m X 2 m R2850
8 Seater L – Shaped Benches 2 m X 2.5 m R3500
10 Seater L – Shaped Benches 2.5 m X 2.8 m R4000




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