Outdoor benches, Crossed Legs Benches, Park Benches

Outdoor benches, Crossed Legs & Park benches are treated garden benches. The Range of all The benches irrespective of the design is  2 – 14 Seaters, These are all use Park Benches, the Park benches are built sturdily.


Crossed Legs Benches & Table Sets, Outdoor Benches


garden crossed legs benches

Colour: White & Dark

dark crossed legs benches

Colour : Dark






Crossed Legs Benches & Table SEt

Colour: Clear & Red

Picnic Crossed Legs Benches

Colour : White & Brown






Benches Morden Classic-Garden Benches, Benches

Colour: Clear & White

Colour: Grey & White

Colour: Grey & White





Price for the Crossed Legs Benches & Table Set
4   Seater 1.2 m R2500
6   Seater 1.5 m R3200
8    Seater 1.8 m R3700
10  Seater 2.1 m R4000
12  Seater 2.5 m R4750
Umbrella hole(optional)






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